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SuperBrugsen Rødekro

At SuperBrugsen in Rødekro we are happy to help.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday

8 AM – 7 PM (Lagkagehuset 6.30 AM – 7 PM)

Saturday Sunday

8 AM - 5 PM (Lagkagehuset 6.30 AM – 5 PM)

CLOSED on public holidays.

In the middle of the city is our large supermarket with many departments. We have a large fruit and vegetable section with seasonal and organic products . Our groceries offer both luxury and low-cost items as well as a large selection of organic products. Our own butcher with sausage making offers delicious selection of the best quality and homemade sausages. At the butcher counter, you will always find delicious home-made dishes. You will find wine from all over the world in our large wine department, textile products for the whole family and in our hardware department we have handicrafts, toys, kitchen props etc.

In SuperBrugsen you will also find "Blomsteriet", which has flowers for every occasion, the kiosk that sells tobacco, spirits, newspapers, books and magazines and a post office. In a smaller department of Lagkagehuset (bakery) you will find delicious bread, pastries, sandwiches, or coffee to-go.


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