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Surf at WestWind Surf Café

At WestWind Surf Café in Hvide Sande, the whole family can try out the waves of the North Sea by using the café's surf school or renting SUPs and surfboards.

Surf Café Hvide Sande is located by the south pier in the large parking lot by the beach in Hvide Sande.

Here you can rent surfboards, get a cup of coffee sheltered from the sea wind or join a surfing course for all levels of all ages.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to try your hand at the waves of the North Sea by taking courses at the associated surf school. Here you can go to surf school, rent SUP and surfboards, or buy what you need for your next session on the North Sea.

At the surf school you will always meet skilled, smiling and competent surf enthusiasts who are happy to help you master the board sports.

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