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Tilda og Karl

Tilda og Karl, tucked away in the vibrant neighborhood of Nørrebro, is a delightful little eatery that beckons with its warm ambiance and wholesome offerings. If you’re seeking a place where flavor meets consciousness, this is it!


At Tilda og Karl, the kitchen dances to the rhythm of the seasons. Their menu celebrates vegetarian, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. Each dish is crafted with care, reflecting the bounty of Denmark’s fertile lands. Whether you’re a devoted herbivore or simply curious, expect a symphony of flavors inspired by Mediterranean traditions.

Tilda og Karl is open all day: Start your day with a nourishing breakfast and as the sun climbs higher, lunchtime beckons. Come evening, the eatery transforms. Concerts echo through the cozy space, filling it with melodies that match the flicker of candlelight. And when hunger strikes, the dinner pop-ups take center stage. From rustic Italian feasts to fusion experiments, each night brings a surprise.

Tilda og Karl wears its commitment to sustainability proudly. Their farmer partners—like Birkemosegaard and Ærtebjerg Jordbrug—supply the freshest produce. In the kitchen, condiments are lovingly crafted from scratch, minimizing waste. 

The eatery plays an active role in their neighborhood of Stefansgade Kvarteret: during the evenings there are regular concerts and dinner pop-ups in every style, so every time you visit will be a different experience, but with the same outcome.

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