Tørninggård, Ancient Road Hostel

Photo: Kim Lee Danielsen
When its time to recharge for another day on the Ancient Road, you will find Tørninggård on the trail just south of Tørning Mølle.

Knagsledvej 1

6500 Vojens



Téléphone:+45 20 96 33 73

The hostel has 36 beds, a kitchen, 4 bathrooms and 4 toilets.
Food can be bought at the hostel.

You will find two well-known sights in the area around Tørninggård; The first is the impressive castlemoat at Tørninghus, which played a central role in the power struggles between the Danish kings and Holsatian counts in the 1300-1400s. The second is the well-known Tørning Mølle, which today functions as a museum-mill, where to turbines turns the power of the water into electricity.

Address: Knagsledvej 1, Hammelev, 6500 Vojens.


Knagsledvej 1

6500 Vojens

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