Tranum Lys og Glas - B&B

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Bed & Breakfast

Ejstrupvej 11, Tranum

9460 Brovst


Téléphone:98 23 52 44

Mobile:21 56 33 05

Tranum Lys og Glas offers rooms - B&B

Situatet between Tranum and Fosdalen, from the rooms ther is a nice view into the garten. Shared bathroom and terrasse.

Free WiFi and a good parkingplace.

Wonderful nature just outside the door.

Single room with breakfast DKK 400
Double room with breakfast DKK 800


Ejstrupvej 11, Tranum

9460 Brovst

Heures de travail

01 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 20

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