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Tuskær, Culinary Arts and Culture Center

Tuskær Arts and Culture Center on the edge of the North Sea in Fjaltring is a unique place where you can immerse yourself in nature, art and culture and find new energy and inspiration. The Arts and Culture Center offers a wealth of changing exhibitions and holds concerts, theme days and lectures. For the creative, there is the opportunity to attend courses in visual arts.

Tuskær Arts and Culture Center is a cultural attraction on the West Coast with concerts, lectures, courses and exhibitions.

Tuskær is housed in an old dune farm just inside the dike, which screens the North Sea, and the center has its own art collection, including rare textiles from West Africa.

The New Carlsberg Foundation has over the years donated many art gifts to Tuskær such as jars by Gertrud Vasegaard, large porcelain jars by Bodil Manz, sculptures by Kirsten Lockenwitz, Svend Wiig Hansen and Ejler Bille, pictorial weaves by Berit Hjelholt, Jette Gemzøe, Charlotte Schrøder and Inge Bj. Visual artist John Olsen and sculptor Eigil Westergaard are also represented.

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