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Ulvedal Plantage

Take a lovely hike in Ulvedal Plantation, a picturesque 7 km hiking route close to Hærvejen south of Viborg that takes you through a varied mix of forest, lakes, meadows and bogs. Along the way you can enjoy the sight of the different forest types and keep an eye out for wildlife that may cross your path.

During your hike, you'll pass the breathtaking Vue Lake, where you can enjoy views of both meadow and marsh. Although the paths around the lake, especially in the south-western part, may not be optimal, the walk is still a pleasure that offers beautiful scenery.

Jens Langkniv's Robber's Cave

After admiring Vue Lake, your tour continues to the legendary site of Jens Langkniv's Robber's Cave and the historic area of Bredemose with its old cave roads and dykes. Jens Langkniv's Robber's Cave is a 36 metre long and 7.5 metre wide long nozzle with two stone tombs, also called hellekists, located on the north-eastern side of the nozzle.

Here you can delve into the robbery story of this legendary figure, who according to legend was an outlaw who lived in Daugbjerg Kalkgruber in the 1600s, where he was particularly active during the Thirty Years' War when Albrecht von Wallenstein's troops ravaged Jutland in 1627 and 1628.

Continue your journey of discovery through this fascinating landscape and immerse yourself in the history and nature around you.

Parts of the route are not suitable for pushchairs, but there are several roads in the area where pushchairs can be driven.

Where to park

Start the tour at Ulvedals Rasteplads, Ulvedalsvej 46A, 7470 Karup. From here, cross Aarestrupvej and continue approx. 150 metres to the plantation, where you will find the marked route (yellow route).

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