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Vejrø Meetings

You should choose Vejrø as the destination for your meeting, conference or corporate event if you want something unusual and unique. Vejrø creates an exclusive and memorable setting for you and your colleagues.

Vejrø Resort is the perfect choice if you value sustainability, nature, privacy, discretion and first-class gastronomy. We offer a customised experience that offers a unique setting for your next off-site meeting or conference. We've taken care of all the details so you can focus on building relationships, organising exciting conferences or strengthening your team.

If you need space to develop new strategies and visions, the island's natural surroundings and wide horizons are the ideal place for innovation and inspiration. As a private island, Vejrø offers a discreet and secluded location, allowing you to focus on the purpose of the meeting without distractions. The tranquil atmosphere and beautiful nature surrounding the island contribute to a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

At Vejrø, we also prioritise sustainability and quality. With our own food production and a responsible approach to the island's resources, you can enjoy fresh, high-quality, organically grown produce.

We care about the environment, which is why Vejrø is a self-sufficient destination for energy, water and heat. Our one-of-a-kind microgrid runs in island mode and can operate on 100% green energy from our own wind turbine and solar panels.

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