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Vigen Beach and recreational area

Vigen Strandpark north of Roskilde

The beach at Vigen Strandpark is located on the Roskilde Fjord between Veddelev and Roskilde, and is the favourite beach of the local population.

There are lovely green meadows and a sandy beach with fine sand and small pebbles. The bottom of the fjord also consists of fine sand. The beach is surrounded by beautiful nature, with great green beach dunes and a sandy beach with a jetty into the fjord. There are showers on the beach. The beach is 300 meters long and 10-15 meters wide and has the Blue Flag.

Behind the beach is Roskilde Camping and in between there is a great green area with opportunities for various activities on the family-friendly beach. It is also possible to enjoy Vigen Strandpark and its beautiful surroundings with your dog.

How to get there

From the center of Roskilde it is about a 15-minute bike ride to Vigen and you cycle all the way along the fjord. By car you can take Baunehøjvej, which leads to a parking lot about 200 meters east of the beach. There is also a ramp down to the beach that can be used by wheelchair users, people with walking difficulties and bathers with strollers.


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