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The village of Vrads

Vrads is a picturesque village located in the lake District Søhøjlandet close to Silkeborg. With around 200 inhabitants, Vrads offers an authentic experience of Danish village life. The town is beautifully located near the Vrads Sande moorland, just five kilometres west of Bryrup and 20 kilometres south of Silkeborg.


About Vrads city

Vrads, part of Vrads Parish, is home to the well-known Vrads Church and is known for its active and environmentally friendly profile. The village offers an organic DIY store and craftsmen specialising in sustainable building methods such as wood, straw and clay construction as well as Finnish pulp stoves and biological water purification. The largest company in town is a leader in sustainable quartz flooring.

In the centre of the village you'll find Vrads Købmandshandel, run collectively by local residents. In addition to groceries, the grocery store also houses a small gallery and an online café that contributes to the vibrant community in Vrads.

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