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Vor Frue Kirke

Our Lady's Church is located in the middle of Svendborg's old town, on a hill high above the town square. Here it has been since approx. 1200. It is one of two ancient medieval churches in the city. There are many indications that the church hill has been a sacred place long before Christianity came to Denmark.The church has undergone various renovations. Most recently renovated in 2004, it now appears as a bright and golden setting for the life of the church and its visitors. Among other things. thanks to the two stained glass windows in the windows of the cross arms by the Faroese artist Tròndur Patursson, who, with inspiration from the violent Faroese nature, depicts the crucifixion and resurrection. The colors of the stained glass windows form the basis for the entire church's choice of colors.In the north window of the choir sits a three-part glass mosaic by Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen, and on the west wall of the church room, by the door to the porch, hangs the sculpture The Shepherd by Skagen artist Niels Helledie.The church is open to visitors every day between 8 am and 6 pm. Here you can light a candle in the light globe and find peace in the middle of the city's bustle.There is a high mass fixed every Sunday at 10 o'clock.During church services, the church is closed to visitors.

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