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Weddings in Mariagerfjord

Mariagerfjord is blessed with a wide range of venues perfect for both weddings and wedding receptions.

Imagine a wedding ceremony in Mariager's beautiful old Church, in the scenic nature of Bramslev Bakker, or a ceremony on the bow of the "Paddle Steamer" Svanen on Denmark's Most Beautiful Fjord - the possibilities are endless...

The area around Mariager Fjord is known for its many beautiful natural areas and unique historic cityscapes. This unique combination makes the area a perfect place to host a romantic wedding - whether in nature, in one of the beautiful churches in the area, or in the historic wedding hall at the Old Town Hall in Mariager.

The Wedding Hall at the Old Town Hall in Mariager

After extensive renovation, the new wedding hall was completed in 2019, ready to unite loving hearts. The wedding hall is located in the former parish council chairman's and mayor's office at the Old Town Hall in the heart of "Rose City" Mariager.

Since its inauguration in 2019, several weddings have taken place in the fine venue, and the demand for weddings right here continues to rise. The venue is decorated in an old style to perfectly fit into the building's history, dating back to 1820.

If you wish to be married in beautiful and historical surroundings, this is definitely something for you!

Weddings at the Old Town Hall in Mariager must be booked via the Mariagerfjord Kommune website. Find information here!

Civil Wedding Ceremony

There are many beautiful churches in the area, but if you wish to be married elsewhere, this is also possible. You can be married by the mayor or by a person to whom the mayor has granted the authority to perform the marriage.

If you do not reside in the Mariagerfjord Kommune, you must contact your home municipality and complete a Marriage Declaration. If you meet the conditions for marriage, you will receive a Certificate of No Impediment, which must be submitted to the authority that will marry you.


Bridal Couples from Near and Far

Many tourists not only fall in love with each other while on vacation, but many also fall in love with the beautiful areas, towns, and places they visit during their vacation.

Anyone can get married in the Mariagerfjord, whether from Germany, Belgium, Norway, etc.

Besides the beautiful churches, you can also choose to be married by the mayor, or of a person granted permission by the mayor, to perform the ceremony.

If you live abroad you need to contact the Town Council Secretariat at: Nordre Kajgade 1, DK-9500 Hobro. (You must bring documentation, which proves that you are staying legally in Denmark)

If you are citizens of an EU- / EEA country. You can legally stay in Denmark for up to 3 months, and if you want to be married, while you’re visiting Denmark, The Secretariat needs to see your passport with an entry stamp. You also have to bring civil status certificate from your home country.


The Wedding Reception

Whatever you are looking for, in the Mariagerfjord, you will find the perfect place to host your wedding reception - even close to the fjord.

A horse-drawn carriage ride or a trip on the vintage train is also an option, giving you a memorable experience on your big day.


Before the Wedding

Many preparations need to be made before the big day arrives. For example, finding the perfect wedding rings, but there are also solutions for this in the Mariager area. Jewelry designer Helga Winther is the place to go if you want personalized handmade wedding rings. The rings can be made from old silver/gold, so memories and materials are reused.

Throughout Himmerland, there are several lovely restaurants suitable for hosting parties, and accommodations are plentiful as well.

Click here and see both restaurants and accommodation options for the big day and night.


Learn more about the possibilities of getting married in the Mariagerfjord Kommune here!

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