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West Coast Collection

If you're looking for top-shelf souvenirs, West Coast Collection in Hvide Sande is the place for you.

West Coast Collection in Hvide Sande is the place to find top-quality souvenirs. The store has a wide selection of clothes, among other things, and it is the only physical store in Denmark that sells the brand "Derbe" from Hamburg. A brand that since 2001 has been making jackets, t-shirts and other stylish clothes from organic cotton or recycled polyester. Something that suits the west coast well.

If you're looking for exciting wall art or decorations for your holiday home, West Coast Collection is definitely worth a visit. In addition to clothing, the store also stocks a variety of souvenirs ranging from posters to postcards. With a selection you won't find anywhere else in the city.

All products in the store are created with a love for the west coast - and Hvide Sande as a city, of course.

You can also find a West Coast Ice shop serving coffee and quality ice cream from Danish Hansen.

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