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The WestBrew brewery is located at Bjerggården in Mejls, right on the edge of the Wadden Sea. Authentic beer is brewed here from scratch.

The WestBrew brewery is idyllically located on Bjerggården in Mejls, right on the edge of the majestic Wadden Sea. Here we brew authentic beer from scratch with a passion for quality and tradition. As a proud Wadden Sea Partner, we use the best ingredients from the region, which means that several of our beers are registered as genuine Wadden Sea products.

We are deeply proud to be able to produce an authentic Wadden Sea product, even as a small brewery. Every time we design a new beer, it's with nature and the amazing raw materials from the Wadden Sea region in mind. This means that we are constantly chasing the good and unique flavour that characterises our beers.

WestBrew is not just a brewery - it's a tribute to the Wadden Sea and the rich natural treasures it offers. Our dedication to capturing the essence of this unique region in every drop of beer makes our products truly special.

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