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Why are there butterflies on the houses on Langeland?

Have you seen the many butterflies that adorn the houses in Rudkøbing?

Invented more than 2,000 words

The story of the many butterflies in the cityscape in Rudkøbing and on houses all over Langeland originates from the local city child H.C. Ørsted. Ørsted invented more than 2,000 words. In addition, he has influenced the development of the Danish language and spread many words across the country - including the word butterfly.

The butterfly has become a symbol of and tribute to H.C Ørsted.

Tribute to the discovery of electromagnetism

At the 200th anniversary of the discovery of electromagnetism, in 2020, Rudkøbing Handelstandsforening, the Langeland schools and Langeland artists made sure to produce butterflies and full figures of H.C. Ørsted, which can be taken out on special occasions. Children from Kassebølle Friskole, Nordskolen and Ørstedskolen decorated the fine butterfly templates in two sizes.

Since then, many more butterflies have arrived and have spread throughout Langeland.

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