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Wine Tasting on Aafarten

Odense Aafart invites you to a tasteful evening where your taste buds will be pampered with exquisite wines from Italy.

Italy is everyone's favourite wine country and an endless treasure trove of wines of all shapes and sizes, thanks to its more than 300 different grape varieties and varied climate conditions. Wine is grown in all corners of the country from the Alps to sunny Sicily.

This evening we take you to the boot country to immerse ourselves in Italian wines. It will be a journey through the most important Italian wine regions, where you will taste 5 different wines from the Alps to Sicily, while we talk about classic and new wine regions, grape varieties, production methods and producers.

Look forward to a cosy and relaxed evening and not least a fantastic tasting experience while enjoying the view of the picturesque nature. There is hardly a better way to experience Odense River.

The atmosphere is relaxed and there is plenty of room for both chatting and socialising on board.

Practical information:
The event takes 1.5 hours, and starts at 7pm. We will meet 15 minutes before departure at the Odense Aafart ticket office at Filosofgangen 30B, 5000 Odense C.

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