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The Wolf's Valley (Ulvedalen)

Close to the popular nature area Bygholm Lake in Horsens, you will find this lesser-known nature gem. Go for a walk through the forest clad valley and combine it with the lake or the new residential area Bygholm Hills.

Central nature area in Horsens

You will find this little forest in a former gravel pit in the northside of Bygholm Lake in Horsens, very close to the city centre and the campsite. The forest has tall slopes, a little lake, and wooden bridges over wet areas. The Wolf’s Valley is surrounded by a large open area on both sides characterized by new housing. Via the street Holger Danskes Vej, you can get access to a path system in Bygholm Hills where you can explore this new part of town.

It is uncertain how The Wolf’s Valley got its name, but no wolves have been spotted in the forest, so you can safely venture around the area.


Hiking in The Wolf’s Valley

There are several entrances to The Wolf’s Valley from the surrounding streets. The one that is used most frequently is on the north side of Lovbyvej, close to Bygholm Lake. You can park at Bygholm Lake Camping a few hundred metres away. A path leads all the way through the valley from this entrance. You can also opt to make it a round-trip where you head back to Lovbyvej via the paths between the streets Lerskrænten and Tegltoften.

Alternatively, you can crawl to the upper part of the valley with a rope. From here, you get access to Holger Danskes vej and from there to Bygholm Hills west of the forest. In Bygholm Hills you can see several historic attractions. Holger Danskes Hill is a burial mound from 3.400 B.C. It is said that the fabled Danish legend Holger Danske is buried here.

Just west of this burial mound, there is an impressive, elongated mound from 4.000 B.C.


Make your way around The Wolf’s Valley with a digital map

At The Coastal Land’s digital map, you can follow routes around the area, find the historic areas and parking lots.

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