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The World of Owls

Get close to the fascinating owls and meet a hawk with the World of Owls and try to walk with the exciting birds!

Learn more about the world of owls!

Get a unique experience with the exciting owls and their mysterious world. The World of Owls has got 7 tame owls that you can meet. It's an exciting and at the same time a very relaxing experience.

Meet the fascinating owls

Get a unique experience at the only place in Europe where you can get close to the owls.

You'll learn a lot about the owls before we take the owls on our arms and go into the woods. Here you can switch between walking with the different owls and learn to get them to fly them with a line.

Afterwards we put the owls back and you get coffee, tea, juice and cake.

These experiences are not suitable for people with difficulties walking or children in strollers as we walk out into the wild forest.

It is important to bring shoes or boots and long pants.

Duration: from 2.5 hours.

Price: 205 EUR. for a group of 6 people max.

Book your trip by calling tel. +45 53 57 80 85.

It is possible to book trips on weekends and holidays.

If there are more people or if you want a shorter experience, you are very welcome to ask about other options.

Close to the owls - in the garden

Try to let an owl sit on your arm and experience them flying on a line. Learn more about the owls and get close to the exciting animals.

This option is ideal for people with difficulties walking as well as for younger children. In a completely relaxed way you can meet the owls and get answers to all your questions about them. You will be served coffee, tea, juice and cake.

Interested? Contact us so we can arrange a unique experience for you.

Price: 205 EUR. for max 6 people.

It is possible to book trips on weekends and holidays.

Zookeeper for the owls

Get an experience for a lifetime and take care of the owls for a day.

Go for a walk with the owls, learn how to put a leash on it, try feeding the owl and more - and of course, you'll learn more about the owls and their lives.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 205 EUR.

It is possible to book trips on weekends and holidays.

Interested? Contact us and we will arrange a unique experience.


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