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Anholt Museum

Anholt Museum is a small historical museum in the centre of the island of Anholt. Here, a world of history and culture opens up, inviting you on a journey through time and life in the middle of the Kattegat.

The history of Anholt

Anholt Museum presents the rich history of the island, from the Viking Age to the present day. The exhibitions give a vivid insight into life on Anholt over the centuries. From dramatic sea battles and pirate raids to fishing and lighthouse keeping, here's the whole story of how life has unfolded on this unique island.

A treasure trove of artefacts

The museum houses an impressive collection of artefacts spanning several centuries. See old navigational instruments, traditional fishing gear and personal artefacts from Anholt's former inhabitants. Each artefact tells a story and provides a fascinating insight into daily life in the past.

The light of the lighthouse

One of the highlights of the museum is the detailed exhibition about Anholt Lighthouse. This iconic lighthouse has guided seafarers through the Kattegat for over 200 years. Learn about the history of the lighthouse, its importance to shipping, and hear stories about the people who have tended the light over the years.

Activities for the whole family

Anholt Museum is not only for history enthusiasts, but also for the whole family. Children can take part in treasure hunts and interactive exhibitions where they can learn about the island's wildlife and nature. There are also special events and workshops throughout the summer to make your visit extra exciting.

Plan your visit

Anholt Museum is open from mid-June to mid-August and is centrally located on the island, close to the harbour. The museum is easy to reach, whether you arrive by ferry or private boat. Out of season you can contact Anholt Museum to arrange a visit.

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