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How to indulge your passions in Denmark


Take a little bit of Denmark home with you

And no, we're not talking about a tin of butter cookies or the free shower cap from the hotel. We're talking about your insides! Because what's the fun in coming to Denmark and going back to normal life afterwards without being just a little bit changed by the experience?

For Memory Collectors

For Adventurous Spirits

For Time Travellers

Bring out your inner Viking

Wonder at the buildings that have shaped Denmark

The art of being Danish

For Taste Explorers

Explore the people and places behind the plates

Photo: Matteo Acitelli

For Soul Seekers


Really connect to Danish nature at these naturist beaches and camp sites.


Running guide

Stand up paddle

For Shot Takers

Our little kingdom is full of everyday wonders, waiting to be captured. Just have a look at some of the close to one million fabulous photos shared by Danes and visitors on #visitdenmark to get you in the mood. And when you're here, there are a range of Instawalks that you can tag along on and get to know local photographers.

For Literature Lovers

Fairy-tale Kingdom

Karen Blixen's Home